Tuesday, May 1, 2018

May Update

T minus one month left! It's crazy to me how quickly my time with FOCUS is coming to a close. We have like a week and a half more of school and then it's technically summer time!! Thank you for your continued love, support and encouragement in these last few months!

Showcase Update

I wanted to give you an update on how the Spring Showcase went! It was a BLAST! The artists were on point this year, the musicians were amazing and the generosity was outstanding. We raised $17,759 to send students to SICM! We were able to help SO many of our students with their costs! I can't wait to see what God does with these potential leaders as they are equipped and deepened in their faith to be Jesus to their peers on campus! 

THANK YOU for your part in supporting this event and these students!!  

My Gals

I wanted to take the rest of this blog to really honor the women leaders I've gotten to meet with and mentor this year. 


Photo Cred: Loré Yessuff
Reagann is graduating in just a couple of weeks with a Chemistry degree. She's actually putting her career on pause so that she can do the apprenticeship with FOCUS here in Denton!! I'm so sad we won't get to be on staff together, but I'm incredibly excited to see what God does in her life over the next year. 

Reagann has been so encouraging to me. I've seen her grow in empathy and her ability to connect with people she doesn't have a lot in common with - all because she loves Jesus deeply and wants to love others well! She is a woman of patience and courage, facing challenges head on and with a mind geared towards the Lord. 


Photo Cred: Kennedy Thornton
Hannah is entering her senior year at UNT studying Media Arts! 

Hannah has had a pretty difficult and busy first year as a corefa, but she's handled it so well. She's made huge leaps forward in her time management and learning how to rest well so that she isn't completely wiped out in life. 
I got to watch her walk through some very hard life situations and come out of it a wiser, more settled woman of God. I'm proud of the woman she's becoming and know God has such good plans in store for her! 


Sarah is working on her Ecology degree from UNT! CAWW!! 

This was my second year to get to mentor Sarah and it was awesome. She has grown and matured in ways that can only be attributed to a heart that is soft towards God and really desires to learn how to be more like Him. I'm thankful for her loyal spirit, her straightforward attitude and her deep love of my dogs. 

I know this next year will be a weird and transitional one, but since her heart is so strong for God and His people, whatever she ends up doing will be centered on Him! I'm excited to see what that may look like! 


Elena graduated in December with an Integrative Studies degree from UNT! Way to go!! She's now exploring her grad school options to continue her education to become a counselor. 

This is also the second year I've gotten to meet with Elena! Her witty and sassy sense of humor keeps our peer team on its toes! One of the things I've loved seeing Elena grow in is her boldness in having hard conversations. She is someone who will bring hard things up now and ask hard questions because she is genuinely trying to grow and wants others to grow, too. She cares for others deeply and that is apparent in her boldness. I'm excited to see where the Lord takes her for schooling, but honestly I hope it's somewhere nearby!!   


Katie is graduating in a couple weeks with a degree in English and Media Arts from UNT! It's been so interesting to hear about all of her senior projects over the last few weeks - as with many group projects, tensions are high! But Katie has handled them in ways that are so mature and characteristic of Jesus. I know wherever she goes in the workforce that she will handle herself in a way that reflects Him so well! 

Katie is another one I've gotten to mentor before! It's been so fun to see her "grow up" over the course of these last few years. I've been so encouraged to see her making intentional effort to be an even better friend, to be more vulnerable so that she can minister out of weakness, and to face hard life situations with grace. 


Sierra is entering her senior year at UNT studying Early Childhood Development and Family Studies!

Sierra was the "youngest" Christian on our peer team this year, but is so wise beyond her spiritual years! I was consistently so encouraged by her desire for the Lord, her love for her peers and the way she lived both of those out while also juggling a hefty schedule. I loved getting to see her explore more of her identity in Christ and to see Him molding her to look more like Him every week. Her honesty and deep thinking added so much to our weekly time together! I'm excited to see how to Lord uses her next year! 

These are the faces of the ones who REALLY do the ministry in Denton! If we didn't have committed corefas who met with and discipled their peers, we would not be able to do a fraction of the ministry we get to do on these campuses! My prayer for each of them is that they would continue in this lifestyle and would bring Jesus with them in every situation after college. I'm so thankful for and proud of them! 

Student Testimony

This is my friend, Bekwele! He transferred here from Collin and I'm so thankful to know him. 
Bekwele Wodi
Texas Woman's University
Psychology, Sophomore

I first became involved with FOCUS when I was just starting out at Collin College. I had been living in Nigeria for a few years, so I was walking into a college experience where I didn't know anyone. I worried a lot about not being able to find any meaningful friendships while I was there. So it came as a surprise when some old friends of mine, LorĂ© and Gibby Yessuff, invited me to a Thursday Night Fellowship. From that first night of fellowship, I made more friends than I could have prayed for. People asked me to sit with them, scheduled time to hang out with me, got to know me, and challenged me as a disciple. It became clear to me that this was not only an example of authentic Christian community; this was the way Jesus called us to do friendships - intentional, genuine and loving. 

Through the many friendships I've been blessed with in FOCUS, God has changed my fear and worry of not having any friends into a desire to grow and develop friendships at TWU. I'm beyond thankful when I see what he is doing in the lives of students here and for the example of Christian friendship that I'm now able to extend to others. 

Ways you can pray:

  • For our students going to SICM! Over 100 potential student leaders will be traveling to Bellingham, WA to attend the Student Institute of Campus Ministry (SICM). These students will receive intensive campus ministry and leadership training to be better equipped to serve on our campuses in the fall. Please pray that God would move powerfully to expand their vision, empower them to become missionaries to their campuses, and unite them deeply through this shared experience. 
  • Praise: Mom's new chemo treatment is going so well! She's feeling better and has had minimal side effects. Thank you for your prayers!!
  • My job hunt! I'm now seriously looking for a job to start at the beginning of June! It's been tough going because I'm not entirely sure what I want to do yet. Please pray for the right doors to be opened and to have something in place by the end of the month. 
All my love and prayers to each of you!! Thank you for all you do! 

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