Thursday, April 5, 2018

April Update

What an eventful month! Literally...full of events! But that's how the spring semester goes. With the end of my commitment to FOCUS looming in June, I'm really trying to savor and enjoy each event and aspect of ministry these last few months. It's been a sweet time.

Spring Student Impact (SSI)

This was the big deal last week! We had 10 students from Western Washington University come down on their Spring Break to do outreach on all three of our Denton Campuses for a week! I love SSI week. It's such a cool way to engage with our campuses, to teach our students outreach skills and to provide a positive experience for the Western students. Here are some pictures and stories from the week! 

Our Team from Washington!
I've told you guys some stories from Treasure Hunting before! These are my two faves from this week: 

Trent and Emily were praying about who God wanted them to talk to while they Treasure Hunted. Trent had been hearing the word Fountain since before the trip even began. Emily heard the word Death. Hesitant, but willing to go talk to whomever the Lord would ask them to, the pair set off. They soon found a young man sitting alone by a water fountain. They struck up a conversation with him and found out that his mother and grandmother had recently passed away. He was feeling sad and alone. He was a Christian and really wanted to grow in his faith, but work prevented him from attending a church on Sundays. They told him about FOCUS and invited him to Friday Night Fellowship. He was thrilled with the possibility of community and deep, Christ-centered friendships to help him grow in his faith! I hope to meet this young man at an FNF soon. 

We were able to have some good conversations!
Statements on Display

Another time, Kassi and Natasha decided to pray separately for who God would want them to talk to that day. When they came back, both of them had heard Purple Shirt and Bike Helmet! It is astounding to me (although it shouldn't be at this point! haha) how God works. He is already preparing the hearts of students on campus to talk to our students as they do outreach each week. How awesome that we get to join in on what God has already begun?   

The SSI team's Fun Day was to the Aquarium! 

On the last day of outreach at UNT, there were several street preachers who were not bringing the truth and hope of Jesus to campus, but were spreading condemnation and hate. It was heart-wrenching to see their signs declaring that Jesus wanted the Muslims to die in a lake of fire. Where is the hope that he wants to redeem people from every tribe, nation and tongue? It was maddening to think that some might believe the volatility and hate they were bringing was the heart of Jesus.

A crowd of several hundred students gathered and were peaceably protesting. Our group of students had been out on the other side of campus that day offering "Free Listening" so we moved over to where all of the action was happening. Our students were able to have deep conversations with people who were angry, hurt, and confused about what was being said. That was one really positive thing that came out of that event! 

I was really thankful for and proud of our students this week. They moved their work schedules around, did homework at other times and sacrificed free time to come out and minister to their campuses! 

Spring Showcase

The other BIG DEAL right now is still up and coming! And YOU'RE INVITED!! I really hope if you're in the area, you can come out to the Showcase on Saturday. We are taking one hundred and eighteen students to SICM (the Student Institute of Campus Ministry) in May from our 11 campuses. How awesome is that? But that's also quite a hefty chunk of money, around $715 per student to go. The Showcase helps raise funds for students who can't afford it! If you'd like to support a student, but can't come to the show, you can give at If you'd like to purchase a ticket, you can get it at

These are some little critters I made and am donating to the Art Sale portion of the show. I've gotten to help organize the Art Sale this year and I am so excited about some of the pieces. I plan on getting there early so I can call dibs on the ones I want for my home! 

I'm so thankful for each of you! Thank you for how you love, minister and support me as I love, minster and support these students in Denton!  

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