Friday, September 1, 2017

September Update

"For you are great and do marvelous deeds; you alone are God." - Psalm 86:10

We made it through Welcome Week! What a face-paced, hectic, fun, stressful, fruitful time! Welcome Week is a time of year when I really see how great God is in connecting people and getting his work done through us. 

We started the week off with not one, but TWO full days of helping people move in. UNT changed how they run it and it was awesome. Much more organized and less stressful each day, just a little more tiring to have it spread out over two days. Our students were champs though! I never heard a complaint, always saw smiles and high fives (if their hands were free!) as they passed each other and new students in the halls. 

Part of the move in crew! What super stars!
I met one girl while moving in that I'm really excited to get to know more! So far, she's been one of the few who has consistently responded to my texts and has wanted to hang out this last week. As we ate lunch together and told the Cliff Notes versions of our lives, we realized we had SO many significant life events in common, I'm just about 10 years ahead of her. (PS, this was the first year that I've felt a little old on campus, being 10 years older than the incoming freshmen. Crazy!) She's interested in exploring Jesus for herself, even though she was raised in a Christian home. I can't wait to get to know her more! 

Games in the Union! Look at that tower!! 
I met another girl at lunch in a cafeteria on campus. We spent a couple of hours together talking and going to events the university was hosting. We got to walk back to the Union just the two of us and I was able to ask her some more personal questions about her life and tell her more about myself. We got to talking about religion and she told me she was from a Catholic family, but they never went to Mass or anything, unless there was an important ceremony, like confirmation. I asked her if she was interested in exploring Jesus for herself during this time in college and she said yes! She hasn't been able to come to anything yet, but I'm glad the Lord put us together at lunch and for the world of possibilities he opened up there! 

"Football Bowling" at MGF
The rest of the week was filled with events on campus, all day every day! One of the most populated events is the Mean Green Fling. All of the student organizations, Greek life, and local businesses set up booths so students can sign up for information and free stuff! My favorite story from this year's Fling was about Aaron, one of my teammates. 
He was walking by a frat booth and one of the guys asked him if he had a minute. Aaron is not someone who would be interested in joining a fraternity, even if he was still a student, so he hesitated and quickly tried to think of a reason why he couldn't stop to talk! The guy followed up with asking Aaron if he was part of FOCUS, the shirt that Aaron was wearing. Thrown off guard, Aaron told him he was. The guy said "Oh GOOD! I've been looking for a Christian ministry! I just became a Christian a couple of weeks ago and I need to find a place to plug in!" 
WHAAAAAAAT?! How cool is that?? They exchanged numbers and are planning on getting some time together soon. I'm hoping he comes to a Friday Night Fellowship soon so I can meet him. What a bold new Christian! 

It's always hard to gauge just how good of a job we're doing throughout the week of meeting people and inviting them to things until Friday Night Fellowship rolls around. And then we get to see a bit of the results of the week! Granted, there are a lot of people who come just once to see what it's about, but that's one more opportunity to make a significant connection with them that could eventually lead to a changed life for Jesus.
This Friday was one of our smoothest first FNF's ever! The Spirit was so present and I left being encouraged and so excited about this new year. Look at this picture of all the new faces who were there that night! 
God is so good!

What to Pray

We're now moving into the more regular part of the year. Students are settling into their classes, cores are starting next week, and one on one Bible studies are starting to take off! Here are some things you can be praying with me as this new year settles down into a routine:
  • Peer Team: I have a new team of 6 girls I'll be mentoring this next year! Pray for vulnerability and depth of relationship to be something we all strive for and for each of us to be grown in our walks with God through meeting with each other. Pray for wisdom for me as I lead them. 
  • Students being outreaching: Pray for all of our students to continue to reach out to their classmates and professors this year. Pray that they really catch a vision for their classes to be their mission fields this year! 
  • Kristen, Rhett and the other new apprentices: Pray for our new apprentices to adjust to this new face-paced schedule and to get the most out of this year. Pray for wisdom for them as they lead in more of a staff role. 
    L to R: Kristen, Aaron, Rhett. The sillies!
Finally, one more story to leave you with...this one from the UTD campus! How cool that God is moving on campuses all across the DFW Metroplex?! 

Thank you for your prayers and financial support! I'm so thankful for you and could not do any of this without your love and support! 

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