Monday, May 1, 2017

May Update

Happy May!

We literally have two weeks left in the semester and less than that before we head out to Washington for the Student Institute of Campus Ministry (SICM)! Thank you for the ways you've supported me through this year. Your prayers and financial support have been huge in me getting to spend one more school year in Denton doing the Lord's work! I'm incredibly grateful!

Spring Time Generosity

 April began and finished out with a couple of our biggest events of the year! Spring Showcase and Springjita support college students going to SICM and teens going to NEXT camp in the summer, respectively. Every year, I'm amazed not only at the local talent that comes together for these events, but even more at the whole-hearted generosity of our community. Adults and students generously invest in both of these events, because really, they're investing in the spiritual lives of young people and equipping them to reach out to others for Jesus! 

A snazzy quartet at Spring Showcase! (That's my Austin in there!)
Look out for Ana! Super talent!!
If any of you got to come out and support either of these events and our students, I just want to say "Thank you!" You made a huge difference, just by coming to these events! 

Meaningful Ministry

This month has been quite the roller coaster of emotions for ministry! This was such a peaceful year, it almost felt like everyone realized we only had about a month of school left and had to get all their crazy/drama in before the just wouldn't be college ministry without it, right!? A few of those weeks were very discouraging to me to watch students I love choose things and actions away from the Lord. I would ask for your prayers for them...pray that they recognize the goodness of the Lord and that their hearts would be softened to be responsive and obedient to Him. 


Worship and brotherhood
Other parts of ministry have been so sweet and encouraging this last month. I get to hear about how Core is going each week from the women leaders I'm mentoring this year. I seriously love getting to meet with them and to hear how the Lord is working through them. One story that stuck out to me this month was from a core talking about living in the light and confession. 

This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. 
- 1 John 1:5

As they were discussing 1 John 1:5, a girl in their core started to cry. After talking a bit more, the girl said "I never though I could live out of this darkness." The Lord had sweetly touched her heart and showed her the freedom that was possible in Him. What a good, good Father. 


Tonight is our last meeting with this year's student leaders. They've been so great to work with and we would not be able to reach out and disciple a fraction of the campus without them! Every other week, we meet in our peer teams (gender specific groups that meet one on one weekly with a peer team leader) and the last two have been some of my favorites! 

Resurrection rolls = empty tomb!
The week before Easter, we took communion together. As we ate our resurrection rolls and drank our juice pouches, we talked about the things we love about Jesus and His presence in our lives. Then we washed each other's feet, like Jesus did for His disciples. It was a sweet night as we prayed for each other and served each other in such an intimate and rare way. 

Last week, each girl came with written words of encouragement and we spent two hours thanking, edifying, challenging and encouraging each other! These women have worked side by side for 10 months, each doing her best to live as a disciple and to teach others to know and obey the Words of Jesus. Each one has faced challenges and successes as their peers Get Jesus! The Holy Spirit really moved that night to speak to each girl and affirm her through her friends. 

I'm so blessed to get to work with these women and to help them grow in their relationships with God. 

Me & Tabby
Elena & Hayli
Jacy & Erin
Sarah & Tate
Tabby, Krystin & Loré

Jacy baptizing Alexcea! Praise God!

Ways to Pray

  • Finishing Well: Finals and Graduation are next week! Be praying for all of our students as they take their finals. Pray for our seniors as they close this chapter of their lives and figure out what the Lord has in store for them next! 
  • SICM: We leave for Bellingham, Washington on the 11th! Please be praying for safe travels and health for each of us going. Pray for each student to really catch a vision for being a minister to his or her campus, to grow in their love of our Lord, and to build deep, spiritual friendships with the other students attending SICM. 
  • Summer time: Pray for our summer large group meeting and our School of Ministry classes to deepen our students' relationships with God.
  • Fundraising: Pray for each staff member and incoming apprentice to reach 100% of their goals by August 1st!