Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A February Update


Have I told you guys lately how thankful I am for each of you? I've been reflecting this week on some of the different parts of my job and the fact that I get to do ministry on a college campus with really cool people, preparing the way for God's kingdom in so many different areas. That's so awesome and it just wouldn't be the same without each of your support in my life. I'm incredibly thankful for your prayers, which are life changing, and your financial generosity, which allows me to do this full time. What a crazy good life I've been given! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

Winter Caaaaamp!

Wowsers. Thank you for your prayers for this weekend! It was fantastic. Our theme was exploring the different ways the church is referred to in the Bible, so we covered being exiles in a foreign land, the faithful remnant, the body of Christ, the family of God, and the temple of the Holy Spirit. It was so encouraging to hear from several different speakers about what our role is as the church. I think students really caught a vision for what that looks like for themselves right now in college and in looking forward past graduation.

This last week I got to meet up with a student and in passing, I asked her what her take away was from Winter Camp. The sermon about the family of God really touched her. She grew up in a broken family that didn't attend church often.  She was blown away by the idea that God would give her a healthy family through her church community and that someday she could raise her family in a totally different way than she had been. 
"I think about all of the things I'm experiencing right now through this community, and I want that for my family someday!" she told me. I have so much hope for her and her future family! 

Another thing I love about Winter Camp is when alumni come for the day and bring their babies! It was so precious to me to be worshipping in the back of the auditorium and to see them also worshipping! These two and three year olds would dance in the back, singing along to all of the songs! It just encouraged me so much. So sweet to see! 

These are just a couple of so many other pieces of "Good News" from Winter Camp! I heard about people getting out of their comfort zones in numerous ways, new relationships being formed or solidified, God giving direction through speakers or conversations...just so many things! 

Pictures from camp!

TWU Ministry

UNT Ministry
NCTC Ministry
Everybody!! Over 600 students! WOW!

Darby & Sam's Core
The sillies

The sillies, part 2

Sarah and Tate's Core

My Peer Team!

Peer Team and a golf cart...

I couldn't even fit them all in the picture! 

Prayer Request and Praises

Winter Welcome Week: This was such a fun and productive week! We got to meet a lot of new students and to start this new semester off with a refreshed sense of purpose on the campuses. Thank you for your prayers! 

Baptisms and Weddings: I feel like I have a baptism or a wedding every weekend this spring! What an awesome way to see the Lord moving in the hearts of his people. I think baptism is a pretty typical way of thinking about God's kingdom advancing, but weddings get me so excited for the future! Praise God for healthy marriages and families with Christ as the centerpiece! 

Post-Winter Camp Prayer Request: Please be praying with me that the things the Lord began at Winter Camp would keep working outside that environment. Pray that students would continue listening for his voice and looking for ways to become more and more like Jesus! Pray for more unity among each of our campuses! Pray for real life change! 

Exciting News: We'll be starting a new ministry at SMU next weekend!!! Please be praying with us as we host a prayer night to kick off being on campus! Also, if you know of any students at SMU that you'd like to get connected to FOCUS, just let me know! 

Thank you for your love and prayers!

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