Thursday, December 1, 2016

Miriam's December Update


Happy December first! I hope your Thanksgiving was restful and full of friends, family, and sooo muuuuch fooooood. As we move through these holidays, it's so much easier for me to be more aware of the many, MANY blessings I have in my life. God has richly blessed me in numerous ways, you and your support being one of them. Today, I'm thankful for you! 

So this is the REALLY BIG DEAL that I want to share with you this month: 

The Keep FOCUS Growing Annual Fundraiser has been kicked off! 


This is a fundraiser we do each year around this time that goes towards our general fund so that we can...keep growing! Our theme this year flows out of the Twenty Year Celebration back in October and reflecting on the last twenty years of ministry with FOCUS. Now we're looking ahead to the Next 20 years of campus ministry and what God might have in store for us to do then! 

One of our big goals in 2017 is to start a campus ministry at SMU and things are really rolling for that! 
There is an event in the works for next semester to pray for the start up of a new ministry there. We have gotten an amazing amount of positive feedback of students at our current campuses who have friends at SMU. They're excited to share with their friends the community and depth of growth they've experienced through FOCUS.  

Brandon Worsham, the FOCUS Director, shares more about this opportunity and the fundraiser in this video! 

I would love to ask each one of you to pray about giving to this special fundraiser this month. You can go to for information and to give a gift! 

We can hit our $55,000 goal if: 
200 people give $10
200 people give $20
100 people give $50
30 people give $100
20 people give $300
25 people give $500
10 people give $750
5 people give $1,000
2 people give $2,500
1 person gives $5,000

A Little Piece of Good News

There's a girl that's been in the ministry for a couple years now that I've been praying for since she started coming around. Her first year, she was curious about God and the relationship the women in her core seemed to have with Him, but wasn't quite ready to explore what that might mean for her personally. She claimed to be an agnostic and turned down the opportunity for a peer to study the Bible with her a couple times. At the end of that year, her core got together and gave her a Bible that each of them had taken the time to underline favorite passages and write notes of encouragement to her in the margins. 

Enjoying some bunt cake with two of my peer team girls!
This year, I've seen her take that Bible to every single FOCUS event she's been to and it's not just being brought along...she uses it consistently! Half way through this last semester, she agreed to study the Bible with one of her core leaders! Half way through November, she said to her corefa "Well, of course Jesus is who He says He is...I believe the Bible true." 

You know when teenage girls get really excited, bouncy and squeaky? That's exactly what happened when her corefas told me about this massive leap forward! The three of us were chattering about how awesome God was to have worked this change in her heart, to let us get to be a little part of that, and thinking about what the future holds for this girl. I think it's so incredible that these are the kinds of things that thrill our student leaders!

This is the beginning of a totally new world for this girl! This is the kind of thing that makes me want to make sure FOCUS is present at other campuses in the next twenty years...not because FOCUS is oh, so cool, but because I really do believe God is working through FOCUS right now and blessing the efforts of everyone involved at each campus. I want to be able to offer more opportunities like this to others across the DFW metroplex. Don't you? 

Students worshipping at FNF

Prayer Requests

I'm so thankful for your prayers and I know that they're a huge way that the Lord works through you to impact these students for His Kingdom. Please be praying with me for these things over this next month:

  • The Keep FOCUS Growing Fundraiser: pray for generous hearts and that we meet our goal. We want to be able to say "yes" to anything God calls us to in 2017--including getting something started at SMU!

  • Winter Camp (January 13-16, 2017): pray for students to decide to come! This is a huge way for them to experience community and the Spirit tends to work in incredible ways over this weekend. 

  • My Mom's Health: We're hoping to spend New Years with my mom and all of my sisters, but in order for that to happen, she needs to stay healthy. Pray for good healthy through this month and then protection from any sickness we or the grandbabies might bring with us.

  • Our Students' Finals: This is a pretty stressful time of year for them. Pray for good time management, ample rest, and memory as they take their finals.

Happy 2nd Anniversary to me and Austin!

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