Thursday, November 3, 2016

Miriam's November Update

This month was a doozy! We had a large event almost every weekend of October.

Twenty Year Celebration 

We kicked the month off with the Twenty Year Celebration! A lot of you in the DFW area got to come and I loved seeing you. Thank you for making it a priority! For those of you who couldn't come, know that it was a time that honored you as well. FOCUS would not be able to be growing and reaching out to all of these campuses if it was not for your support and prayers! 

It was so special to me to get to meet some of the "legends of FOCUS," the people who paved the way for this ministry to be established at each of the different campuses now. I loved getting to worship with friends from across the DFW and to hear what each one has been up to since graduating and moving away from Denton.   
The first core I was part of in 2010! Still friends!
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A Mountain of Chips! I transported FIFTEEN GALLONS of salsa and countless bags of chips in my tiny car for this event! 
Praise and Worship at the 20 Year Celebration 

Fall Camp

Our next big event was Fall Camp! I want to say first off, THANK YOU for all of your prayers! It was my first time coordinating such a big event and it went so well. Our main goals for the weekend were that the students would build deeper relationships with each other and encounter Jesus in a meaningful way. Both of those goals were accomplished! 
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Crafts at Free Time
One of the most encouraging things from camp for me this year was seeing some of the students who don't yet call Jesus Lord engaging in worship. They're curious about God and are interested in exploring more, but hesitant. I saw several conversations happening during and after worship where these students were being encouraged by other students to give God a shot. Some of these are students that I've been praying for over a year now. I know God wants to have a relationship with them and it's beautiful to see them allow themselves to be drawn closer through these events. Keep praying for them with me!

Fall Camp 2016
Worship on Saturday

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Core Girls
Fun and Games at Camp

Annual Leadership Conference 

Each year, we invite our student leaders and potential student leaders to an annual leadership conference hosted by the church. This year's theme was "The Inner Life of A Disciple." I don't have any pictures from this event, but it was something that was helpful and impactful to both our students and me. 

It was very encouraging and convicting to hear about the inner lives (particularly the devotional lives) of the people I look up to as leaders within our church. One thing that was particularly convicting to me was a phrase that someone said on a panel about devotional life. 
"We aren't consistent because we haven't found the value in it." 

I've been mulling that phrase over since then and I think it's true, at least in my life right now. How embarrassing to admit that as a campus minister. But it's really the only reason I've been able to pinpoint...I don't have a baby or a family to tend to...I make time for literally everything else that needs to be done, except maybe schedule is full, but not THAT full.
I often fall into the immature mindset that I can do things on my own and that consistent time in God's Word isn't exactly necessary. What a lie. 

So that's an area I'm working on giving to God and asking Him to show me the value in my daily times with Him. I don't think I'm alone in this struggle...I would love your prayers and to pray for you, too, if you relate here! 

Let's end with some celebration pictures! 

Happy Baptism to Sam!
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Happy Baptism to Jacy!
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I love new marriages centered on Christ! Gives me hope for the future! Shout out to Bryan and Patricia!