Saturday, August 6, 2016

Building Anticipation

It's finally August! I feel a little like a kid waiting for Christmas to arrive...we've been working so hard to be prepared for the beginning of the school year and it's FINALLY ALMOST HERE! I'm so ready.

Our staff: Aaron, me, Danielle, Matt, Brittany, & Cody 

July was a month full of finishing preparations and lots of prayer. There were three main things that I was worried about over the month of July - our student leader team, our apprentices' fundraising, and my own fundraising. I don't know why I worry, because God has always provided and has a good's hard for me to remember that while finding the balance between proactively doing my job, and obediently waiting and trusting for Him to do His. 

But God is good and once again (like he ever fails!), He has worked things out wonderfully!
  • Our leader team is solidified and ready to go! We've got a team of 55 student leaders this year. I was originally going to be meeting with 14 of our women leaders, which is a little crazy. But we've brought on two women from the church who have done the internship with FOCUS before and who will meet with some of those girls instead! I'm excited about the extra time I'll have from that to do other things on campus. 

  • God provided in awesome ways for our apprentices. Some of them are still lacking full funding, so if that's something the Lord lays on your heart to give to, go here. This group is so exuberant, ready to learn and serve! I can't wait to start work with them. 

  • My own funding was something that was coming along slower than I anticipated this summer and I was getting pretty discouraged about it. But God has amazing timing and showered me with encouragement and support at a time when I needed it most! Thank you to each of you whom He used to bless me at those times.
It's crazy to me how BIG and WORRISOME each of those things seem in the moment...and then being able to take a step back and see God's hand all over it later is so comforting and convicting. How often I forget that He's still working, even when I don't see it.

Ways to Pray

In less than two weeks, we'll begin Welcome Week events at each of our campuses! Please be praying with me as we get closer to it. This week is so vital, because this is when most students get connected and decide what they're going to be part of over the semester. We want to be there to give them a quick connection to solid community and deeper relationship with Jesus.

Pray for our students and staff to have the stamina, health and rest needed to be on campus meeting people that whole week. Pray that we are obedient to the Lord's leading as we reach out.

Pray for incoming freshmen to get connected with community and to be open to developing a relationship with Jesus.

Pray for transferring students to feel welcomed and not be overlooked in the influx of freshmen.

Pray for opportunities to meet international students, to develop friendships with them and to share Jesus with them.

Thank you for the ways that you love and support me and this ministry! Let's go get crackin' on another year of Kingdom building!