Monday, June 1, 2015

One Final Month

Happy June 1st!

It's official as of today! My internship with FOCUS is over and I am now a full-time staff person in Denton. We had a final prayer and reflection day this last Saturday and I was just so blessed to be able to think back over this year. It was good to remember the things that God has done and the many, MANY ways that I feel like I've grown and been changed just in these ten months. I know I say it every single month, but I am just so thankful for each of you supporting me and I pray that my internship has encouraged you! You have been so integral to this year. 



Winding Down 

So this last month of the internship...I don't really know why I thought our schedules would lighten up once our students' classes were over, but I should have known better! We doubled up on classes these last few weeks, which was intense, but also really good. I think because I didn't have as many other tasks or distractions, some of these classes have been my favorites. 
Camilla ate "Elmer Gantry" =(
One that was very impactful to me explored the use of fiction in ministry, where we read "Elmer Gantry" by Sinclair Lewis.  I wouldn't recommend it for just funsies reading, but I would recommend reading it at some point. Through the discussions we had about the book, I came to recognize a lot of pride in my life. I realized I don't like sharing the ugly parts of who I am as a fallen person, so I'm really good at putting on a smiley front that is good at deflecting when others get too close to those parts. Learning how to allow others to see those parts and letting the Lord work in my life through others has been a big theme this year.
Another class I've really enjoyed these last few weeks has been an audio lecture about the Sermon on the Mount from Regent College. I've never explored the Sermon in depth before! Listening to the audio and then discussing different questions and take-aways has been a really great way to end the class part of the internship. 

But It Wasn't ALL Work!

We got to "Play and Pray" for a full five days in the middle of May! Two of our interns went to SICM (the student conference in Washington), but the rest of us were blessed with a week of refreshment, encouragement, worship, learning and fun at a cabin in Oklahoma! Every morning, our senior pastor, Ronnie, would lead us in a time of praising God through prayer and singing to Him. We had an in-depth study of First and Second Timothy and Titus about what it means to be a young, godly minister. It was a great topic for both the ones of us continuing in ministry and the ones who will be going out into the work force now. We are called to be ministers whatever our actual titles are! 
Buffaloes are a thing in Oklahoma.
I am so thankful for this week of time away from the hustle and bustle of everything. It's really hard for me to stop everything and just relax or rest in God's presence, but this time was just so precious to me. I realized (again!) that week that when I get caught up on all the busyness, I lose a heart that praises and blesses God, focusing only on all the things that need to get done. I become a Martha waaaay too easily. It was a good week of becoming refocused on what the ACTUALLY important things are in my life.   

Other Happenings in May 

 Here are some of the highlights in May and how to Pray this month!

Christian, Miriam, Sarah H, Stephen

Denton End of the Year Formal was a blast!
We celebrated our graduating seniors, Sarah King going to UTA next year, and all of us interns at TWU or UNT this year. 
 Please pray for each of us as we transition into our new jobs!

Sarah K, Matt, Stephen, Sarah H, Christian, Kelly, Miriam

Denton Staff 
Please pray for the 2015-2016 staff as we raise our support for this next year.
Haven't changed a bit.


Moriah, Austin and I got to go see Mom for Mother's Day!
Please pray for Mom as she starts her second round of chemo June 10th.

Josh's Mom (Shanda), Austin, & Josh


Praise God!!!!
Austin got to baptize his best friend this last Sunday! 
Please pray for Josh as he learns how to put God above everything else and to be a Disciple of Jesus. 

Way to go, Mo!

My sister, Moriah, graduated UNT! 
Please pray for her as she transitions out of the college life and starts a new adventure in California!

First Sumer FOCUS!
Please pray for students to continue to be changed by God! 

Our Upcoming Interns!
Please pray that they will be fully funded by August 1st!

Thank you for praying for these things that mean so much to me! 
You're a blessing!