Friday, May 1, 2015

April Showers Bring Mayflowers...

...And Flooding!

Springtime in North Texas is all about the crazy weather. I really do love all the rain we've been getting and it's soo good for the land, but dumpsters floating away because of flooding is crazy. Have you seen that video yet? Click here to watch it. It's all the crazier to me because I was on that street literally 20 minutes before and it had only been raining a little bit.
How do your beliefs effect how you care for the Earth?

Outreach Adventures

So between all of the rain and flooding, April was a really great month! The other interns and I learned a lot about flexibility as we had to change Outreach plans almost weekly because of the weather. We've been doing a lot of Campus Conversations so we can do Outreach inside during the rainy days and one of my favorite prompts this month was "How do your beliefs effect how you take care of the Earth?" 
I had one really great conversation with a girl about her beliefs and where she's at Spiritually right now. Like so many other students in Denton, she cares a lot about the environment and greatly desires to take care of it well so her children have a good place to live eventually. She was pretty unsure of where God fits in to all of that, especially in her life at the moment. I got to share some of what my relationship with God looks like and encourage her in finding the personalness of God, as she was so turned off by her experiences of Religious Legalism and Fakeness.
Conversations where I can see the person considering the validity of what I'm telling them about who I know Jesus to be are so encouraging to me! I don't expect to make huge life changes in a single conversation, but I think it's a great place to begin and part of why I think Campus Conversations are so important.

Learning to Preach 

Preaching at UNT
 I had my first opportunity to preach on a Friday night for our big group meeting this month! I've given several smaller sermons to our intern class and the staff throughout the year, but this one was a lot more nerve wracking! The topic assigned to me was "The Cross and Suffering," which is not a fun, fluffy sermon to preach. I knew I was going to cry in parts of it and I haaaaate crying in front of people in general. 
It was a really hard sermon to put together and I definitely did cry. If you want to listen to it, here's the link...I'm sorry for the snuffles! haha
But you know what? For as hard as it was, I know God used it to really minister to some students' hearts that night. There are suffering people all around us. I want to become a more aware and compassionate person through my own sufferings. A wise person I know often says "Let your misery become your ministry."  
I'm so excited and thankful for these opportunities to impact students for Jesus, even when they're hard or uncomfortable!

A Good Visit

Me & Mom
 Moriah and I got the opportunity to go see Mom in Houston the second weekend in April and that was good on so many levels! 
I loved getting to spend sister time with Moriah in the car, even though we ate waaaaay too much fudge from Buc-ee's on the way.
It was a precious visit with Mom, to see her and know she's okay right now. God has been so gracious in providing her a place to stay in Houston and a loving sister who's her right-hand-woman now. 
I would ask that you continue to pray for Mom. She's going to be starting chemo in the next week or so. Moriah and I really want to be able to see her for Mother's Day, but that might not work if her immune system is so low from the chemo. 

Pizza Theology

Our Advertisement for Pizza Theology 
Moriah and I came straight back from Houston to Dallas for Pizza Theology! This is an event FOCUS has started to do once a semester where a theological topic is chosen and delved into for four hours. I know, it sounds crazy, but we do an hour of pizza and fellowship sandwiched between four hours of lecture. And students love it!
This semester's topic was "Heaven, Hell and Everything in Between." We had several different speakers showing what the Bible says about each, as well as all of the cultural thoughts we've picked up about heaven and hell that we don't even question anymore.
It was such an interesting evening and I have so many thoughts and ponderings from that night. If you would like to listen to it and share your thoughts with me, I would love that! Pizza Theology Link

Field Day, Fun Day! 

Field Day was a "Bring Your Own Friend" event we had towards the end of April. Here students could invite their friends who wouldn't come to a religious activity, like Friday Night Fellowship, but who would come to a fun event to make friends.
Egg Races

Four way Tug-o-War
Demonstrating Wheel Barrow Races (aka Staff Bonding Time)

Wheel Barrow Races
Volley Ball Keep Up

Build a Pyramid

 What's New and Prayer Requests

  • We have FOURTEEN new interns on board for next year! That's amazing! Pray for them to finish this school year well (most of them are graduating in May or over the summer) and to meet all of their fundraising goals by August 1st.
  • I'm a Fundraising Coach this summer for three interns and one staff person. I'm super pumped to help them charge through this summer and meet all of their goals for raising support for the next year! Pray that I will be able to encourage them as they individually need it and keep them accountable without being a nag. 
  • I will be a Full-Time Staff Member with FOCUS next year, so I'm beginning to cultivate my Ministry Partnership Team again! Pray for this process to go smoothly again this year and for me to also be fully funded by August 1st. 

As always, thank you for your support and prayers throughout my entire internship with FOCUS. As it begins to draw to a close, I'm overwhelmed with all of the things I've learned, the ways I've grown and seen others grow, and how I've gotten to watch God move on my college campus once more. You have been such a huge part of that and I'm incredibly thankful for YOU.