Wednesday, April 1, 2015

In like a Lion...

...Out like a Lamb!

March was pretty stereotypical this year! We started out the month with almost a full week of canceled school and work days because of nasty icy conditions...and ended with beautiful 70's+ weather by the end of the month! Spring happens so very fast!

I feel like March has also been an emotional roller coaster, but one that I can see the Hand of God sooo very clearly on! There have been a lot of really good, cool things that have happened and a lot of crazy, frustrating or scary things that have happened. Here are just a few of the highlight of those and how you guys can join me in prayer through this crazy thing called "Life."

Neighbor Friends!

Photo credit to Dana Craney! Run, puppies, run!
We've gotten to know more of our neighbors this month! Some we've met through them moving out, some moving in and the ones we've become actual friends with, through our dogs! 
Our Camilla and their Chuy are fast friends! Literally, though... All they do is chase each other! =)
They invited us to come have dinner with them at their apartment one of the ice nights and we've gotten to meet up a couple times since then. It's been so sweet to have mutual friends close by, as most of our good couple friends live in other cities. I'm excited to see how this friendship grows! It's been a blessing already. 

Spring Showcase! 

The Finale! All the cast & stage hands singing "Seasons of Love!"
 This event was SUCH A HIT!!! If you didn't get to attend, I'm so sorry you missed it! But there will be a next year for sure. 
We had over 500 people attend and the acts blew my mind. The level of talent that we have floating around in this ministry is amazing to me! We did record the show, so hopefully I'll be able to share that video with you at some point!
The very best part of the showcase? We raised a little over $8,000 to be able to scholarship students to help lighten that financial burden!! What a blessing to be able to send 90 students to this leadership opportunity! 

Spring Service Initiative! (SSI)

Questions on Display at UNT
I just love how well this week went! The weather was amazing, the conversations were deep and led people to ponder God, and the students really engaged their campus! Thank you for your prayers throughout this week! 
I shared a lot of my favorite stories with you guys already, but here's onnnnnne more! =) 
I met this girl at Texas Women's the one day I was out there and she seemed kind of interested, so I invited her to the TWU FOCUS on Wednesday and gave her my number, just in case. As she left, I was hopeful, but didn't really think she would come that next night. 
BUT SHE DID! Alone. She came and engaged and really enjoyed being there and getting to know some of the other students involved. 
So I invited her to come to Friday Night Focus, and she came! Alone! She met people and tried to at least say "hi" to the people she had met on Wednesday.
So I invited her to the Showcase on Saturday, and SHE CAME!! All by herself, driving an hour away to an event she didn't know much about, except that someone was inviting her and people were friendly and they loved God. She sat in the second row and took pictures the whole time, excited to get to go home and scrapbook them! 
She's just one of the many students we met this last week and made a connection with! I am so excited to see her get involved in community and to see her start to deepen her walk with God. 

Thoughts about Outreach and Discipleship!

I spent a lot of time talking with the other interns from Washington who had brought their students to do outreach on our campuses all week. One of them pointed something out that I don't think I had quite put together yet...our main work on campus is discipleship. Living in the Bible Belt, almost everyone you talk to is a "Christian," but in reality, not many of these students are Disciples. Christianity is a title that many of our students accept because of their families, not because they've really counted up the cost and decided to follow Jesus. I'm so excited to be part of a ministry that really provokes students to deeper consideration of their faith and who expects lives to look like who they say they follow. 
But I've also seen the purpose of outreach this week: to connect students who aren't in a Christian body that will help them grow, and to engage with those students who don't follow Jesus and to help them think about what they ARE following. I think both aspects are so very important and this last month has been a great refresher on that for me!

Prayer Requests!

My sweet Mom!
My Mom: Her test results from the last few scans have shown that the cancer is in her bone marrow, lymph nodes, and blood. She's headed over to MD Anderson this week to get a second opinion, so Moriah and I will get to see her this weekend as she passes through. 
Please pray that Moriah and I stay healthy so that we can see her, as her immune system is pretty low right now. 
Pray for clear results from MD Anderson and good guidance on what's next. 
She'll be starting chemotherapy the next weekend, so prayers for strength and peace as our family moves into this next phase. 

End of the Year:  We only have about four weeks left with our students! Pray that all of us (staff and student volunteers) stay strong through the end and that this year finishes well. 
I also have 3 sermons that I will be preaching in between now and the end! Eeep! Pray that God speaks through me! 

Fundraising: I will be working on putting together my ministry partnership team that will continue through this next year as I move onto staff with FOCUS! I would ask for you to be prayerfully considering whether you would like to be part of that team and that God puts it all together in His timing. 
We also have THIRTEEN new interns for next year who will be fundraising! I will be a fundraising coach, so pray for wisdom for me and boldness for them.

As always, I couldn't do this without you guys! I love y'all and am so blessed by your prayers and support. Thank you.