Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year! (For reals this time!)

Every year, Christmas rushes past me too fast! This year was no exception! 

The semester wrapped up smoothly with a service project to UNT and TWU. We made encouragement posters for finals week and stood around on campus offering encouraging words and pre-sharpened pencils to passing students.
Encouragement at UNT
So often on campus, students rush by, lost in their own world with head phones in or averted gazes. No one wants to even engage in eye contact with others as they hurry on their way.

It was one of my favorite things to break through to them as they passed by with a friendly "Good luck with finals! You'll do great!" Some students didn't know how to respond and kept walking by without acknowledging us. Others were really appreciative! One girl almost cried, she was so worried about her finals and was so grateful for a kind word.

It makes me sad to think about how many students can go through an entire semester without having a positive encounter with anyone and how a service project as simple as this one can change someone's day!

It wouldn't be a New Year's post without some reflections!

Favorite things: 


*My Peer Team Girls - these girls have been such a joy and encouragement to me in our weekly meetings! I've loved watching them grow in their own relationships with Christ and as they've grown in discipling others.

I can't wait to have another semester of deepening our friendships and seeing what God does in their cores in the spring!

*The FOCUS Staff - I have loved being on this team! My fellow interns, my pastoral supervisor, my teachers, and campus pastors have been a huge blessing to me. I've been pushed out of my comfort zone, loved and encouraged by this team so many times this semester!

*My Sweet, New Husband - Austin has been such an encouragement to me through the tough parts of ministry this year and has been really great about always gently pushing me to deepen my relationship with Jesus. I'm so thankful for him!

Plus, he likes to cook, he cleans, is super attractive and loves Jesus so much. Who could ask for a better husband?!

*My Ministry Partners - You guys are my family, my friends, partners in ministry, big time supporters! None of what I have gotten to be a part of this year (on campus or in the classroom) would have been possible without you. You have impacted me and at least two college campuses over the course of one semester. I'm so grateful for your financial and prayer support this last year! THANK YOU!

Things to be Praying About


Winter Camp! 
This is a retreat that all of the different FOCUS campuses participate in over the long weekend. For many students, it's the first time they get to see just how large of an organization FOCUS is and to recognize that God is doing much MUCH more in DFW than just on their own campus. We're bringing in a special guest speaker to preach on our theme this year - Words of Life. I'm super pumped about this speaker because we listened to his audio lectures for the intern Old Testament class, so we might all be a little start struck by him! =) 
Pray that:
- students are refreshed and challenged as they go into a new semester
-students will build deeper friendships with their cores, as well as across campuses
-everyone will stay healthy and everything will run smoothly
-the weather stays nice 

Up-coming Decisions!
I know it seems soon, but I will be starting to have conversations with my superiors about what next year looks like, whether I will continue with FOCUS or if God is leading somewhere else.  
Pray that God would lead in this decision for me and give all of us clear direction of what's next!

Thank you for joining with me in these two particular things! I'll keep you posted!