Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All the things in August!

I just can't even believe how fast August flew by! Thank you so much for your prayers and support through this crazy month. I know if it was not for your prayers, this month would not have gone as well as it did! There are so many things I want to tell you about, but let me pick just a few to highlight.

Internship classes! 
My textbooks for the year
We kicked off preparing for our classes, particularly "Old Testament in Christian Ministry" this year by reading the Old Testament in nine study days. Yes. The WHOLE thing...in NINE days.
I have read the Old Testament through before, but never in such a compact time frame. It was challenging to me in a number of ways and I realized there's just so much about God that I really don't know or understand. It was amazing to see the continuous theme of His covenant love for His people, regardless of their unfaithfulness. I'm excited to break down each book and explore it on a graduate level in the coming months. Never before have I been so challenged to think through and reason why I believe what I do.

Corefa Prep & Leader Retreat! 
My Peer Team - each pair leads a core
I loved both of these weekend long events. This is where we get together with our student leaders as individual campuses (Core Facilitator Prep) and as an entirety (Leader Retreat) to equip them for leading their peers through this school year.
One of my favorite things about this year, was just seeing how the ministry has grown in leadership! My first year at UNT in 2010, there were three girl cores and two guy cores. This year, we have twelve of each! How amazing is that!?
I also love seeing WHO is a leader. There were some students this year that I met their very first year in a core and the amount of growth and change towards looking more like Christ is just mind-blowing. I am so encouraged by these students who are sacrificing personal time and other things to really minister to their peers. They have caught the vision for God's Kingdom and are working it out!

Welcome Week!
Worship at the first Friday Focus. SO MANY PEOPLE!!
What a crazy week, plus a little, this is! It started out this year on a Sunday, as we helped Freshmen move into their dorms. God is good and answers prayers - we had prayed for it to not be as hot as it had been in years past. He also DEFINITELY has a sense of humor - it rained all day! We were some extremely soggy movers.
From that day, we had events each night - Movie and game nights, Capture the Flag, Mean Green Fling, Recstravaganza, and so many more! I was so proud of our student leaders, who really cast wide nets and met just an incredible amount of students! I've loved watching friendships grow out of "random" encounters and am excited to see how God moves in these kids' lives.
Our first Friday Night Focus was a great venue to see the fruit of that week! Already, we had so many new students who came because of invites from our student leaders. Lives are about to be changed, guys!  

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the thought that this is JUST the beginning and already so many things have happened. Please be in prayer with me as Cores start meeting this week - this is where students will be challenged and make deep, spiritual friendships that lead to deeper relationships with Christ!

Love you, guys!